Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8

Tilt-Shift (?) : Columbus

So, it seems to me that using a tilt-shit lens isn't that great of an idea for night photography. I got some good shots at the fair but trying to take photos of a city (from the ground) isn't ideal. I think the lack of light and environment comparisons prevents the miniaturized effect from being noticeable. 

Also, Columbus just isn't as "grand" as Chicago, for example. Columbus isn't that big, you know? Maybe "grand" isn't the right word because I do love this city. I wish I had time to revisit these photos in the day-time to see if my hypothesis about the lack of light and environment comparisons is correct. 

Out And About : The Ohio State Fair (In Tilt-Shift!)

The Ohio State Fair was my number one motivator for renting this tilt-shift lens that I've been sharing for the past week. I just love the colors and fonts at fairs and thought it would be perfect to shoot. We actually went for a ride on the SkyGlyder and that's where I got most of my day-time photos. We were 50 feet in the air and it was the perfect vantage point to miniaturize everything.

I was trying to figure out why this lens creates such pleasing photos and I concluded that it reminds me of Where's Waldo. I really enjoy busy imagery.

Along with walking around and snapping photos, we took part in eating fair food. I had a corn dog and Ryan had a Bahama Mama from Schmidt's. We then indulged in a plate of fried snacks--Buckeyes, Oreos, and Nutter Butter cookies. The Buckeye was my favorite, by far. So good! 

Overall, I'm quite proud of these images. I still have video to edit and hopefully I will post that soon. Thanks for looking!