Fall & Winter Bag : #Totewell

My Longchamp bag bit the dust and I was going to replace it with an exact copy until I wandered into the Madewell store and decided on their Transport Tote. I'm pretty pumped about it as it can hold a ton of stuff (being able to carry a book is essential along with all my other necessities.) Usually I don't like black bags but I can deal with black totes. It was a hard decision between this black one and their brown one...but I think I'll be back in the spring for the brown. I love the simplicity as I'm a no frills type of person.

You can view their #totewell hashtag and Instagram here. I seriously want to own the entire store's merchandise. 

What are you carrying these upcoming seasons?

Madewell Tote Bag : lafinduglobe

Terrarium Fun.

It's really no secret that I love terrariums. Lately though, I've been branching away from using soil and instead, using sand. Not only that, I'm getting into using little figurines and will ultimately try to create little scenes/worlds. I'm even working on creating little underwater worlds and will share all of this once it's done. 

I've managed to keep this air-plant alive for a little over two years and I hope it will continue to thrive for years to come. It's connected to a little piece of driftwood and looks at home on the sand, I think. The clown is sort of in a shrugging position as if he's saying, "Eh, it is what it is." (That's my life's motto, btw.) Obviously this isn't a scene with any depth but I do think the figurines add a little oomph to an otherwise standard terrarium setup.

A terrarium can spruce up any room in your home and/or office and they're so easy to care for. Just a little indirect sunlight and a spray bottle will keep your plants alive. As far as interesting content, I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled at thrift stores. If you don't go to thrift stores, I say make a habit to do so once or twice a month. I got a few fishbowls for under $1 and once they were cleaned thoroughly, they looked brand new. Sculpey is also pretty cheap and you can make and bake anything to add personality and depth to your scene. 

Have fun with it. It's a calming hobby and in the end you have a little greenery to add to your space. They make great gifts too!