Obsessed : Coffee Mugs

I have a thing for coffee mugs. I could care less about everything else in my kitchen (except for maybe knives, because a good knife makes cooking that much easier) but I love having many different styles of cups...maybe that's because I rate coffee and other liquids higher than food in terms of necessity. Coffee mugs are usually my go-to when I'm visiting a new place and see a souvenir store. I also have a thing for travel mugs (maybe that will be another post) and reusable water tumblers with plastic straws & lids. 

Here are a few of my favorites! 

The above mug is from Mackinaw City (the tip-top of Michigan.) I got it on a camping trip and it was the best place I've ever camped. We saw the milky way with the naked eye--it's a beautiful place.

le creuset : lafinduglobe

These Le Creuset mugs get the most use and are extremely durable. While the paint or coating on some mugs chip over time (see my Pantone mug below) these have stayed in near perfect condition. I highly recommend these, they're worth it (and really not that expensive) and they look so nice. The orange one is mine and the teal is Ryan's. 

Bart Simpson, need I say more? I scored this for less than $3 the other day. 

Clockwise, left to right: Ohio Caverns, self explanatory. View my post on my trip, here. Pantone mug in my favorite color, orange. A yellow striped mug from Target--it holds a lot and the square handle is comfortable to hold. Lastly, a Crater Lake National Park mug. I love that speckled ceramic look. 

We are happy to serve you : lafinduglobe

The iconic New York paper cup in ceramic form. I love this but I wish it was bigger. This holds about 10oz of coffee. Lately I've been using it to hold pretzel sticks. 

camping enamel mugs : lafinduglobe

I'm obsessed with enamel camping coffee mugs and plates. I've purchased them for as cheap as 50 cents at thrift stores. The bottom one is from REI, though. 

I feel like coffee mugs are one of the few things kitchen related where you can get creative. And, you don't need to spend a lot to get something cool. What do you use? I'm always up for expanding my collection.

Out And About : Greenlawn Cemetery

I always want to go to cemeteries in the fall and winter because of how pretty they look. This is the second time I've been to Greenlawn, the first round of photos can be seen here or by clicking on my tags. I still love the first round of photos because cemetery photos in black and white are just so dreamy and eerie--can those two words go together? I get both vibes when I'm in a graveyard.

Anyhow, we've been having a very nice and colorful autumn so I decided to keep these pictures vivid and bright.

In the middle of November I will be in Cleveland to see Norm Macdonald and I will probably head over to Lakeview Cemetery to visit my mom's grave and take photos of all the cool headstones. So, if you like graveyard photos, that's something to look forward to. It may even be snowy by that time. Who knows!